A slang Jamaican word reffering to a woman's vagina or pussy. It can also be used in a variety of ways.

Q: What year did Columbus sail the ocean blue?
A: Pum Pum

Insult: You stupid pum pum.

Noun: You're a pum pum.

Interjetion: PUM PUM!

The word is at its highest peak when half the class knows what it means and the teacher doesn't and a student responds to a question with 'pum pum'.
Silly Pum Pum, Trix are for kids!
by Sumit S. September 27, 2006
an Jamaican term of saying pussy
dis gal pum pum to tight
by H.A.K.D April 07, 2015
A cheerleader who can't say "pom pom"

A puzzay
Guy 1: Yooo she wearin dem leggins so tight, I can see her pum pum G!
Guy 2: That's as far as you'll get to pum pum unless you're a dyslexic cheerleader.
by Chaflip August 27, 2011
An expression of discontent or displeasure
I'm feeling rather pum pum today

Guy 1:i've got a headache
Guy 2:pum pum to that, man
by Laura Warner September 20, 2007

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