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A slang Jamaican word reffering to a woman's vagina or pussy. It can also be used in a variety of ways.

Q: What year did Columbus sail the ocean blue?
A: Pum Pum

Insult: You stupid pum pum.

Noun: You're a pum pum.

Interjetion: PUM PUM!

The word is at its highest peak when half the class knows what it means and the teacher doesn't and a student responds to a question with 'pum pum'.
Silly Pum Pum, Trix are for kids!
by Sumit S. September 27, 2006
A cheerleader who can't say "pom pom"

A puzzay
Guy 1: Yooo she wearin dem leggins so tight, I can see her pum pum G!
Guy 2: That's as far as you'll get to pum pum unless you're a dyslexic cheerleader.
by Chaflip August 27, 2011
An expression of discontent or displeasure
I'm feeling rather pum pum today

Guy 1:i've got a headache
Guy 2:pum pum to that, man
by Laura Warner September 20, 2007