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Derogatory term for a Black person, first appearing in the deep south during Reconstruction. Many freed slaves, seking gainful employment along the southern Atlantic coast worked in paper factories. Most were employed to carry the wood pulp in and out of the factories, thus giving the name of Pulp Woods.
person A: Somebody broke into my car and stole my CDs.
person B: Do you know who it was?
person A: Probably a Pulp Wood.
by Wallis Fuller August 24, 2006

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A penis thats not hard but not soft.
''I look at Lady Gaga and I get such Pulp Wood''.
by salem and nightmare February 26, 2010
An extremely large turd..
whew man..i just took a dump ..it was a stick of pulp-wood..
by kobalt October 30, 2009