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A radio announcer (typically of the "Boss Jock" school) who attempts to add excitement to his delivery by talking from the back of the throat, a common affectation in 1960's and later "Top 40" formats.
The afternoon drive guy on 108.1 is the worst puker in the market.
by Eric Weaver November 05, 2006
An extremely intense circuit-style workout session, typically involving one or more of the following pieces of equipment: kettlebell, sandbag, sledgehammer, tractor tire, thick ropes, or heavy medicine balls. The word derives from the fact that the person may exhibit either emesis or a burning sensation of vomit in the back of the throat, during or after the workout.
That MMA fighter has been beasting out pukers almost every day to train for his fight.
by Trainer87 July 14, 2010
A derogatory term for a tourist, originating in Alaska, coming from the image of tourists as seasick people on fishing charters.
"Man, did you see the pukers over there coming off the boat? They were green!"
by Tendai September 22, 2004
A person that pukes all the time, mostly while at school.
Hey did you hear that Wade threw up in class this morning.
That guy is such a puker.
by ChrisSutton June 22, 2016
a bad loss in gambling.
i was laying 3 1/2 with my best free throw shooter on the line shooting 2 with .05 on the clock. H e bricks them both, what a puker !
by East Boston April 05, 2010
Extra hard bike ride. Refers to yacking over the handlebars, or chumming for coyotes.
The climb over Red Mountian Pass is a real puker.
by Flyin' Brian August 23, 2005
Someone who smuggles drugs out of a country by inserting them into the stomach. Then, when they arrive at the other country, vomit the drugs back up or if they get the drugs out the other end, they're called Shitters.
The shitter almost got caught by Mexican police but was saved by the puker down the hall
by Electrifry May 13, 2016
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