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1. a person fanatically dedicated to or seeking to control anything contemptible or worthless
2. a person who wants to control or manipulate another person's act of vomiting
3. a person who smells like vomit
4. a member of the Nazi party, dressed in full historical uniform, who vomits
Stay away from the puke nazi guarding the trashcan over there.

He wanted me to vomit on queue, like he's some sort of puke nazi.

Know what you smell like? Puke nazi.
by siddNullus February 14, 2009

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A pukenazi is someone who dictates how and where you should puke while extremely intoxicated.

"You might want to put up the toilet seat while you vomit."
"Alright....fuckin' puke-nazi."
by stanimal December 25, 2007