domincan first basemen for the st. louis cardinals
nice ass and alot of talent
cute accent and strong arms that can pin you down
king albert
phat albert
bat albert
winnie the pujols
by Albert's queen June 27, 2006
Top Definition
Amazing first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals. Only player in MLB history to start his career with three seasons of hitting .300 with 30 homers, 100 rbi, and 100 runs scored. Could end up as one of the best hitters ever.
Albert Pujols is sick.
by Dewey August 01, 2004
The best player in all of baseball. He can hit for average, power, and can draw a ridiculous amount of walks. He is also a good fielder, and one of the few remaining good clean players left.

Pujols is also the homophone for the word "poo-holes"
Balls Deep: selects Alex Rodriguez with the 1st overall pick...
Pitchers and Catchers: Haha fucking idiot took A-Roid over "M V Pujols". What a shit tard!

Albert Pujols likes to stick his weiner in the ladies poo-holes.
by SKYYGUYY March 29, 2009
the best pure hitter in baseball that DOESNT use steriods *cough* barry bonds jason giambi and gary sheffield. also a good fielder
pujols is gonna win the mvp
by stlsportsfan April 07, 2005
baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals, whose batting numbers are so great, they can be compared to that of any other hitter in history
Albert Pujols could become the greatest hitter to ever live.
by snorgle October 19, 2003
FUCK YEA! Awesome STL Cardinals' hitter and first-baseman! YEA CARDS!!
DAMN! That Pujols is one hot mothafucka!
by Lili October 28, 2004
To say one thing, yet act in a manner completely opposite.
me: I really don't like U2.
you: Haven't you seen them in concert like 10 times?
me: Uh ... yeah.
you: That's so pujols.
by sixtas420 December 09, 2011
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