1) A girl who is the biggest slut known to man.
2) Girl who has severe daddy issues, but refuses to acknowledge them as her Dad left her for some rando.
3) A girl who puts out to every guy she meets that same night because of previously mentioned daddy issues.

4) STD infested girl with nasty butterteeth.
Joe: Yo Bill, you get with that slut from last night?
Bill: Yeah bro. Tim and I both hit it. She's such a Puja!
by BigRock121 January 14, 2011
Top Definition
a prayer, or to pray
I will do puja today.
by Puja July 28, 2003
She is sweet and ecompasses everything sweet.
Her hair is like licorace.
Her eyes like chocolate.
Her nose like gumdrops.
Her lips like sweet strawberries.

You are always in sweet company when you are with her, but too much can lead to cavities.
"Man, I have a stomach ache."
"You probably had too much Puja."

"Im craving something sweet..."
"Hey, a Puja would be perfect!"

"I need some Puja right now."
by AlphaQupz June 28, 2007
Everyone knows how amazing Puja is. No need for definitions.
"Who's Puja"
(GASP) "shes only the most fabulous, perfect-in-every-way girl in the whole universe!"
by cupcake210 November 28, 2011
This Girl Is AMAZING. She's Boy-Crazy. She's GORGEOUS. And She'll ALWAYS Become Your Best Friend.
People Can't Say Crap About Her Without Being Jealous.
Also A Girl Who Obsesses Over How Her Hair Looks, When The Rest Of The World Thinks She's BEAUTIFUL!
''OMG It's PUJA!''
''OMG I Love Her.''
by d1e9s9t8 February 06, 2012
The literal meaning of Puja is adoration. It is an all-purpose term used to denote the many stages of ritual action that compose worship in Hindu culture.

But a subset of Puja also refers to a Jaat member (normally of the fairer sex). Puja's are known for their long lathis which is, in most cases, directly proportional to their heights.

Pujas are born nerds who defy most Jaat members.
Hey, did you check out that girl, she was carrying a lathi and wearing specs, she must be a puja.
by Pratham Varshney May 13, 2011
a pussy, or something related to a vagina.
Last night, my slampiece had a dripping puja.
by Homosexual69 November 30, 2010
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