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a vagina with a pudding cup in it so you can eat it out
her pugina was so tastey
by Hjahammadolo April 02, 2010
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a cross between pussy and vagina
Dude!!! Did u see that girl's pugina?
by yung azn boi January 06, 2005
Fat girl's vagina or a fat vagina
She has a disgustingly huge pugina!
by BigDaddyMink March 18, 2009
Another Name For a Pussy
Man I got some good pugina last night
by Blake Talbert August 25, 2007
A cross between a the male external secondary sex mechanism and the female's internal secondary sex mechanism.
Dude whattup. I'm gonna see the pugina!
by Forthwith March 18, 2005
the skin on your knees
Wow! I liked her pugina! It tasted great!
by Anon December 14, 2004

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