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Term for a womans vagina; derived from famous mascot of the San Antonio Missions Henry the Puffy Taco. A marketing scheme by the restaurant Henry's Puffy Tacos.
No one wants to eat Henry's puffy taco. Eww don't look it's Henry's Puffy Taco. Puffy tacos are nice if it's not Henry's...
by NorthsideTowel June 11, 2008
When you fuck your girl so much that her va-jay-jay gets swollen and puffy...
"After all the sex we had, my girl had a puffy taco!"
by ACRiggs October 28, 2007
when u punch the vagina until it swells up and then eat it
My girl owed me money so i gave her a puffy taco.
by Nick Francis May 11, 2008
A Mexican prostitute with the sexually transmited infection known as gonorrhea
Person 1 : Did you hear what that girl said to me just now??
Person 2 : Hey man, dont sweat it, shes just a puffy taco
by Victor Lopez May 14, 2006
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