can be used as noun, adjective, profanity or nickname.
noun=an extremely cool person.
profanity=synomyn of f***
nickname=a nickname for someone that demonstrates puff-like qualities (i.e: coolness, awesomeness, enthusiam)
"Woah! Look at that Puffy! She's so cool!"
"Holy crap! Thats puffin' awesome!"
"Oh jen, you're so cool, i think i'll call you Puffy from now on...cause you're just that cool."
by Puffster March 09, 2009
a halfway erect penis... not hard, not soft, just puffy.
she was pretty hot...i got a puffy just looking at her.
by Melissa September 23, 2003
Name Given to a mates lame Puffer fish which he flushed down the toilet
Puffy now lives at the sewage works.
by Milky September 25, 2003
blow job
nate got a puffy when he met the chick he was talking to online
by baby girl August 12, 2003
(N.) Descriptive of anything that wants to spear you in the butt, milk you, or is random as hell.
"Wow, that cow is really puffy!"
*milks* *humps*
by Bevo February 11, 2005
Blow Job.
Eminem, the rapper made a quote in one of his songs that was never in stores before.

"Is it just because you love me and respect ones of me, you wotie little bitch go fuck puffy..."

There is a quote and thats how everyone knew about puffiness
My Brother: Yo are gay
Me; You gay bitch go fuck puffy!
Brother: mom!....
Me: Die loser *kills him" lol roflmao wahahhahahha!
Sister: thank godness you rock (she is 9 and realy cute)
Me: ill do anything for you sis lets go and have....
by DarkGamer September 01, 2005
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