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A person born in the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans born in the island on or after January 13, 1941 are born US citizens. Those born before that date but on or after April 11, 1899 were granted US citizenship by the Jones-Shafrat Act of 1917.

Many people who were not born in the island, feel or consider themselves Puerto Ricans because one or both of their parents were born there.
by Salero21 May 11, 2009
124 79
1. the hottest guys you will ever see
2. The biggest pride you will ever see
person 1: Dang look at that guy?
person 2: yeah he's puerto rican
person 1 and person 2: *drool*
by I_love_jon! December 23, 2004
579 554
hispanic group. their island is in the caribbean, east of the dominican republic. puerto rican is made up of spanish(white), black, and taino(indian). while puerto ricans did not invent reggaeton, they are famous for it because no questions asked, reggaeton would not be where it is today if it wasn't for puerto ricans. most reggaetoneros are puerto rican ex. alexis y fido, daddy yankee, don omar, wisin y yandel.... people say that puerto ricans and dominicans are similar except dominicans come in all colors. matter of fact, so do puerto ricans.
Tego Calderon (reggaetonero), Daddy Yankee (reggaetonero), Don Omar (reggaetonero), Cheo Feliciano (salsa singer), Felix Trinidad (boxer), and Marc Anthony (salsa singer) are all 100% puerto rican and different colors.
by geekitona February 24, 2008
105 89
I am Puerto Rican, but I must admit that the majority of US Puerto Ricans are cacos who try to mingle with the black folks because as we all know, the blacks are teh coolest people around. Not to mention, they've been fed alot of nonsense about how Puerto Ricans are all half-black, when only about 10% of the Puerto Rican population have any African ancestry.

All my mean-spirited cynicism aside, Puerto Ricans have had a rich history and harbor a very unique culture. From Africans, the Puerto Ricans have obtained the "bomba and plena", a type of music and dance including percussions and maracas. From the Amerindians, Puerto Ricans have kept many names for their municipalities, food, and other objects. From the Spanish they got the Spanish language, the Catholic religion, among other influences. Francisco Ayerra de Santa María was the first native born poet of Puerto Rico, documenting the history of the island. Cayetano Coll y Toste a celebrated historian and journalist of the island has also gained recognition in the development of Puerto Rican literature. Hell, even George Perez, Marvel and DC comic book artist, is a Puerto Rican.

Don't listen to these morons who spew garbage about Puerto Ricans being gangster or uber sexy people. They're the ones that make us look bad. We're better then the stereotypes.
"Being Puerto Rican is not about Reggaeton, Money, Cars, Having Arched Eyebrows, or acting black because you're so called Half-Black. Its about respecting and being a part of a great culture that has a great deal to do with Carribean identity."
by Omniscient Relics December 22, 2006
322 309
Someone who is born in the Island of Puerto Rico
They have their own unique customs and are able to speak Spanish fluently. They have American citizenship and are not 'black', with the majority of Puerto Ricans having Taino and Spanish(Spain) ancestry, although some have African ancestry. They do not 'hate on' Dominicans, Cubans, or any other nationality. Nor do Dominicans, Cubans etc. 'hate' on them, contrary to ignorant belief.
Mary: Hey whos that kid?
Jane: Its Jose, he's Puerto Rican
Mary: Wow, he's muy bueno!
by Its like me again July 15, 2010
43 36
Many people have bad misconceptions of puerto ricans. yes, they can be very prideful at times, but the majority of this race is very friendly, outgoing, and easy-going people. They love to party, dance, and drink. But they know when it's time for work and when it's time for play.:)
example: jennifer lopez puerto ricans
by florida gurl September 25, 2011
58 53
A person that has parents/grandparents who where born in Puerto Rico or still live there. mostly (in the US at least) don't give a crap what people think of them and think they can do whatever they want. and if you end up walking in the same line as one move out of there way or you will collide, because everyone knows they are way better then everyone else
Puerto Rican typing: y0 nikka wnna hng ut 2dy.
by lololumad? August 07, 2012
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