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Putting on Axe, or another similar brand of air freshener, on one's body in place of taking an actual shower with soap and water.
Kenny might be Guatemalan, but he alway seems to take a Puerto Rican shower before he sees Emily.
by LiveattheSchwarzenegger September 19, 2005
the act of applying cologne and deodorant in the place of cleansing oneself by showering
sean woke up late for class so he took a puerto rican shower
by that damn good November 13, 2003
Etymology: Hispanic hygienic habits
Function: noun

1: the act of putting on more cologne or perfume instead of taking a regular shower with soap and water
1: "Phew, what's that smell? Did you just take a Puerto Rican shower or something?"
by raygee July 01, 2004
Of Puerto Rican descent, it is a stereotype in which hispanics, puerto ricans especially, use axe, deodorant, cologne, and other fragrances to cover up their dirty, stinky selves.
Jenn: I like men who take Puerto Rican showers because they have a distinct smell of B.O. and Lavender and Daises.

Morelli: Mhmm, my man smells so fresh, he doesn't need to shower, hes doing that Puerto Rican shower.
by ChrisKizzle January 14, 2008
The act of covering your clothes/body with air freshener in order to remove body odor.
I had a date in 5 minutes but i didnt have time to shower, so i gave myself the old Puerto Rican Shower.
by dexers_lab July 27, 2009
Quietly splashing yourself with soap and water from a bathroom sink secretly trying to remove some kind of B.O. from yourself without anyone noticing.

Usually done at a friend or relatives house.
I went to my friend's house after working out at the gym, and I met a hot girl that I wanted to hook up with.

I realized I smelled like sweat and ass from the gym so I had to go to the bathroom to take a Puerto Rican Shower to clean myself up, I hope no one heard me splashing around in there.
by z10370 November 08, 2009
The act of cleaning thy self with the use of a sweaty t-shirt off your own back hittin' all the stinky spots.
We were adrift at sea so long, and with limited supplies of water, I had to take a Puerto Rican shower to stay clean.
by cullan September 28, 2006
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