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A handgun. As seen on the 7th episode of Drawn Together's third season. Used by Captain Hero to intimidate mystery-solving musician Foxxy Love.
"Oh my god! Het gots a puerto rican credit card!"
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006
A knife that puerto ricans use to obtain money, goods and services.
Jose didn't get his welfare check yet, how did he pay for that beer? He used his puerto rican credit card.
by Tom Horsfield July 11, 2006
A set of jumper cables used after a Puerto Rican funeral.

A piece of garden hose and a gas can, used for the purpose of stealing gas.
After all of the batteries were stolen during Alejandro's funeral, the trusty Puerto Rican credit card was called upon to jump-start all of the cars.

Just two days short of payday, Johnny had to break out his Puerto Rican credit card to retrieve some much needed gasoline from the cars at local shopping mall.
by Roger E November 11, 2007
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