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In to spanish language that means "pig,pork,...a policeman, a cop", but this word is rarely used...

Generalmente esta palabra es usada para nombrar a un "oficial de policia" pero es una palabra raramente usada
..."These pigs wanna blow my house down and take my maryjane"
..."Los puercos quieren soplar mi casa y bajarme la mota.."
by troshi™ August 03, 2006
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The Spanish word for "pork". Used in Norfolk as a codeword for fat, nasty bitches or to signal their approach.
Lock the grocery store down cuz we got puerco at 12 o'clock!!
by Mu-Shu In Da Hizzzy October 08, 2003
Refers to the Average careless man usually of Latin background, characterized by being filthy, pendejo, and no regards for other peoples belongings.
Damn my Ipod!!! Look where you sit you Fucking puerco.
by Jsali November 01, 2010

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