A stupid piece of shit who tries to look smart.
"No, instead it's that when it comes to females, I either really like them or really do not. There are females here who I am fond of, but people like this meg person represent to me everything that's wrong with human beings. She's selfish, ignorant, and seems to be nothing more than a typical party girl that can't grasp any ounce of the Big Picture. I've always been upfront with my dislike for ignorant self-indulgants, male or female."
by culov July 07, 2004
Top Definition
A pretentious eunuch who enjoys arguing with old miserable women
...but you see I am extremely well-versed in art, history, foreign language, mythology, writing, biology, music, physics, geography, geology philosophy, world affairs, calculus, economics, chemistry, technology, underwater basket weaving and will constantly remind you of this by actually listing all these subjects so nobody forgets how smart I truly am.
by APguy July 29, 2004
A dumbass who doesn't listen to the truth even when told or when it's all around him.
I give up on you PUDSMACKS!
by The Lightning Stalker February 08, 2005
One who frequently hits or strikes his pud to induce pleasure. A jerkoff.
That Jason's a real pud-smack... he's always smackin' his pud.

Shut up, pud-smack.
by clembie June 20, 2003
someone who fucks their couch and uses saran wrap too much
Kevin Joe is a pudsmack
by DHAReauxK September 26, 2008
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