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The viewable area of a female human's genitalia with closed legs. Before puberty or in shaven adults, this area may often appear to protrude outward slightly. The crease formed by the labia majora lips ends at the top in the 'pudendal cleft'.
Whoa, look at that pudenda!
by angryredplanet July 28, 2009
53 32
The Latin word for "shame," some Victorian clown thought it would be a great euphemism for female genitalia, possibly because he felt shame for wanting to see some.

May also have, over time, devolved into "pussy".
"'Pudenda' was Latin for 'shame'?"

"Yes, and 'vagina' meant 'scabbard'. Isn't studying Latin fun?"
by Gahmuret July 04, 2006
305 74
Synonym to vulva. The external parts of the female reproductive system.
Her pudenda is very pretty.
by Petey J Corvus November 26, 2005
119 55
1) Female reproductive organ
2) Hot women, esp in large groups at social functions
That party was amazing, it was full of mad pudenda!
by Tuffy May 18, 2005
159 98
The outer female genitals. The vulva.
The pudenda: a forbidden and yet highly sought place.
by Loreleili November 25, 2005
84 44
Technical term for female genitalia. Comes from a Latin expression meaning "shameful parts". On that count alone it should be struck from the language.
Don't call them pudenda no more.
by Fearman November 18, 2007
83 46
"Pulling your pud" originally derived from the latin word, "pudenda," i.e. "pulling your pudenda"
"pulling one's pud" is the shortened version of "pulling one's pudenda."
by Hothead October 28, 2006
45 61