a female that will do ANYTHING for the puddle in the bottom of the bowl.
she is worse than a bag ho, she is a puddle slut.
by Smeed October 20, 2007
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A skank ass girl who fucks a guy in order to get Meth. Originates from Utah
by Mike Lee aka somebody July 20, 2003
A person that trades sexual favors for drugs, mainly methamphetamine.

Due to the fact that in a pipe the drug melts into a puddle.
buyer: Can you believe she had sex with me, in exchange for meth?
dealer : Well, she is a "puddle slut"
by SocoLuvr May 02, 2010
A chick who after ridin' her hard falls a sleep in the wet spot that runs out her box after pounding her with your pud
Mary is such a puddle slut that she doesn't even roll over cause she loves cum
by BigT May 14, 2004

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