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When you have to shit really bad but can't make it to the bathroom on time, you therefore have to shit in your pants and this makes a pudding pie
John: why are you walking so damn weird? Walk straight baby

Melissa: can't! i just happened to drop a pudding pie in my pants, this makes walking straight impossible

Dude 1: i gotta get some adult diapers
Dude 2: why?
Dude 1: cuz i've been making some pudding pies recently, don't know why
Dude 2: just go see a colorectal surgeon
by brianisinthekitchen February 03, 2011
The act of a man placing a swirl of fecal matter on another man's chest, placing the shirt back over it, and smacking it flat with a frying pan. The end result will create a warm smelling pie with the edges oozing delicious pudding.
Derptie: The other day my sweetie let me drop a pudding pie on him! BEST valentine's day gift ever!

unknowing Derpette: That's just wonderful! I like vanilla pudding.
by pancakefactory November 20, 2012
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