The institushun that makes America grate.
I dont knead no vouchurs. I lerned how to spel in publik skools.
by Alan Greenspan May 07, 2003
Top Definition
Shining examples of accountability and discipline. Where you can send your kids for the best edjumaction around. (Obviously not written by a publik skool kid)
After I gradueted from publik skools, I got hired at buger keng for 5.15/hr. In dese here gubment skools, day sed it duddnt matta if ya ded a gud jub, jest feel guud about yerself. I so feil guud about miself wen I smoke crak every da n'sit on my lazi ass waitin' fur my gubment cheese. I luv da federal guverment of amerika!
by J. Malik October 10, 2005
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