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Publicists is a euphemism for, white girl. It is typically used by black celebrities, who date white women, as a joking pretense that the white women with whom they might be seen are actual publicists.
I saw Terrance Howard and Jamie Foxx leaving the club last night with a couple of publicists.
by Hoopskidoodle April 13, 2009
In our days artists and publicists collaborate.
They are together.
The art is not in opposition to publicity
But in a flirt
Which make us think
Of the death of art.
the art should be against publicty , art is generous , publicity wants to influence you and cheat you .Publicists are taking not giving
by EmergencyRoom March 27, 2011
A person you need to succeed in the music industry.
Without my publicist Shianne, I never would have made all of this money!
by CaliCaliCali May 01, 2007