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Restroom avaliable for public use. Found in stores, schools, government buildings, etc. Some are OK, but many smell to high heaven, never have enough toliet paper or soap (heh, so much for sanitation), and (especially in the case of high school bathrooms) have tons of graffiti scrawled everywhere. Also are a good place to find people getting high, throwing up, or just hiding from life.
1) "I had to pee, so I ducked into a public restroom. I wish I'd just gone in the woods or something instead, it was that gross."
by killerfiller December 06, 2005
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Restrooms you do NOT want to shit in. Public restrooms are usually plagued with:

-Unflushed toilets with piles of toilet paper, piss and shit. Flushing is impossible.


-Skeet on toilets or other places.

In public schools, restrooms are even worse, where they include all the above, plus:

-Stalls with no doors or doors with no locks.

-Damp paper towels stuck to the wall and floor.



-Assholes who will fuck around with you as you take a shit.

-School books and stolen backpacks in toilets.
1) As I walked into my school's public bathroom, I discovered shit in the sink, and some asshole decided to restock the toilet paper dispencer with used, shitty t.p.

2) The toilets in the public restroom were so powerful, I managed to flush a jacket without clog.
by Wasabimoto August 24, 2010
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a place where STD's are transfered from bums, hobos, and hookers to those who are brave enough to venture inside them and use them for deffocation purposes.
I found out that my STD came from the public restroom and not my girlfriend.

I died a little inside as I passed the public restroom.
by Jizzo March 01, 2005
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