A square shaped bush on a woman that is dyed in the pattern of a Rubiq's cube. If you're able to manipulate it so that it turns one color, the woman will no doubt be turned on and ready to have a sexual encounter with you. It was first seen in a portable toilet at a Van Halen concert in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1986. Ken Burns is in the process of finishing a 10 part PBS documentary about the history and cultural significance of the pubic's cube.
stoner: "dude Katie is hot and all, but her bush is dyed all sorts of colors and shit, it's fuckin weird."
friend of stoner: "yeah bro, sounds like she's got the old pubic's cube going on down there."
by Johnny Goodboy October 15, 2007
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Slang term for a vagina derived from the popular 80's puzzle named Rubik's cube that was shaped like a box and difficult to solve. A complicated pubic box.
I can solve your pubics cube in less than a minute.
by vuch April 12, 2004

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