1. Calling someone a Pube Tickler is similar to calling someone a taint or twat. They are someone who gets their jollies off tickling another's pubes. they need not have sex of any kind, they are so messed up. they prefer to tickle pubes. and most likely the pubes of another dude...

2. A pube tickler can also simply be a man who doesnt act like one. he has no ability whatsoever to have a relationship with a women, or even interact for that matter. he is completely useless tot he human race, and will never procreate.
Toby: Hey John, hear what happened to to Tim last night?
John: What?
Toby: That hot babe from the bar was totally into him and wanted to talk to him, but he wouldn't even speak... he just sat there.
John: What a fucking Pube Tickler! He's probably off tickling some dudes pubes right now!
by T. I. December 08, 2007
Top Definition
someone who enjoys tickling their girlfriend's pubes as foreplay. it seriously turns some bitches on.
jessica walked in when i was doing pube tickler with allison.
by Nommin on the Kitteh tonight June 19, 2011
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