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Pubby All Star is one of the many word in the SOCOM VOCABULARY.
The main job of a pubby all star is to be One who pwns in public rooms in socom. A pubby all star is someone who uses all the noob weapons in pubbys, such as n00b c4nn0n5, I dubs, and m203's. Usually pubby all stars play beow average in ranked rooms or wars. Pubby all stars are tools because they think that they are sweet for pwning in public rooms, even though everyone thinks they suck. Other characeristics include, glitching, camping, cabeling and many others.
Blizz is a pubby all star but cant do shit in wars.

Look at him n0-scoping the pubby all stars! They Might Wip out their I DUBS
#socom #pubby #pub all star #pubby all star #pwn
by JZiMMerMan July 19, 2006
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