Post Traumatic Send Disorder - The feeling of anxiety stemmed from the fear of a possible good or bad reaction to email or a text one just sent.
Sherrie suffered from PTSD when she sent, what she thought was an innocent text, to a guy she was infatuated with only to find out it could be taken a completely different and possibly embarrassing way.
by IstillGotMYballz February 03, 2009
Top Definition
post traumatic stress disorder
a term loosely used by so call professional dealing with victims of crimes or violence.
This soldier is suffering from PTSD
by Donna C February 03, 2006
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Flippy from Happy Tree Friends has the most severe case of PTSD I've ever seen
by Flippydaslasher October 31, 2007
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.
Joe saw a good deal of active combat during his time in the military. Some incidents in particular had never left his mind – like the horrifying sight of Gary, a close comrade and friend, being blown-up by a land-mine. Even when he returned to civilian life, these images haunted him. Scenes from battle would run repeatedly through his mind and disrupt his focus on work. Filing up at the gas station, for example, the smell of diesel immediately rekindled certain horrific memories. At other times, he had difficulty remembering the past — as if some events were too painful to allow back in his mind. He found himself avoiding socializing with old military buddies, as this would inevitably trigger a new round of memories. His girlfriend complained that he was always pent-up and irritable – as if he were on guard, and Joe noticed that at night he had difficulty relaxing and falling asleep. When he heard loud noises, such as a truck back-firing he literally jumped, as if he were readying himself for combat. He began to drink heavily. That is PTSD.
by betova January 29, 2014
Pretty Thick and Strong Dick
Michael: Dude, my friend has PTSD.
Justin: Oh, that's sad.
Michael: Yeah, a Pretty Thick and Strong DICK.
by thespongeyaids May 27, 2015
Post Traumatic Snow Disorder

After having made it to work in a blizzard, only 3 hours late, have warmed yourself up with a nice cup of tea, PTSD is the sudden fading of relief amid the feelings of exhaustion and realisation that you'll have to do this all over again in order to go home, in the dark... and then come back tomorrow.

Can throw one into a catatonic twilight zone of mental and physical paralysis whereby making the decision to finally go outside for whatever reason, even for lunch, becomes impossible, regardless of whether the snow is technically preventing you from going outside or not.

Usually only affects those unused to large amounts of snow.
Fuck going outside, that blizzard gave me PTSD. I'll survive by eating the contents of the stationary cupboard til the snow leaves.
by JameyJames November 29, 2010
Post Twilight Stress Disorder

The feeling of anxiety, sadness, and rude awakening that is felt after seeing Eclipse by preteen girls all the way up through suburban housewives. Men are generally considered to be immune to this condition. Victims are unable to accept that Edward Cullen does not exist, and may become violent when someone attempts to reason with them.

Very similar to the Pandora Effect.
Girl walking out of Eclipse: *sniffle* "I can't believe Eclipse is over, I wish I were Bella."

Friend: "It's just a movie, is your life really so boring that you can't just accept that?"

Girl: "I have to go to Washington and find Edward!!!"

Friend: "Shut up you stupid bitch!"

Girl: *sob*

Friend to other Friend: "She totally has PTSD."
by GPKD July 02, 2010
Post Thanksgiving Super Dump-

When after eating like a pig for the entire Thanksgiving one runs to the toilet to release a thunderous bowl breaking bowel movement
Joe - "Man I gotta make a deposit"
Pat - "You do? I just got done taking care of my PTSD"
Joe- "WTF is PTSD?"
Pat- "Oh man it's a Post Thanksgiving Super Dump... you know PTSD"
by d325gu November 26, 2011

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