Entering a bar and ordering 5 beers and 5 shots of tequila. Must be consumed in less than an hour.
I pulled a P.T. Cruiser last night at the pub.

Bartender, may I have a P.T. cruiser please?
by Paul T April 06, 2006
The ugliest car that will ever exist.
"I drive one of those 70's station wagons with the fake wood crap on the side"
"But those are so ugly"
"Until you park next to a PT Cruiser. It makes you feel like you're driving a Mini Cooper no matter what you're driving."

"Hey, let's see how ugly a car can be and still sell"

"I wonder what an old Beetle would look like if someone tried to make it an SUV and also tried to make it the ugliest car ever"
-Person pulls up in a PT Cruiser-

"Have you ever seen an obscenely ugly car?"
"Yeah, it's called the PT Cruiser and you get uglier every time you look at one"
by Lasagna Feet December 17, 2008
A wonderful mode of transportation. Insights pride in ownership in all Pt Enthusiasts.
I am a proud owner of a PT cruiser. I am not gay, I am a single female and love my car. The descriptions that are negative must be coming from people who have never experienced the pleasure of driving a car such as mine. I resent the negative comments as I have never talked bad about the car you choose to drive.
Pt drivers, thousands of us love to meet each other and talk about our cars. We have so much fun together at our rallies. We add modifications to our vehicles and yes we do embrace the retro look of our vehicles. We try to enhance that feature with our mods.
I did live in the Hot Rod Retro Era and this car takes me back to the good old days where cars were respected and not critised.
by MICKEY41 September 14, 2007
A modest attempt at Art Deco stylings on an affordable car. Its steep lines and smooth ride make it ultimate transport for driving to Fire Island.
Surfer Wannabe: Damn, that PT Cruiser almost looks like a woodie from a great distance.

Surfer Wannabe's Friend: PT Cruisers are very popular in South Beach & Fire Island.

Surfer Wannabe: Hmmm. Maybe I'll stick with my Hyundai.
by jokester45 April 07, 2009
really gay car, actually number one car of choice by pedophiles because kids are attracted to it because it looks like a matchbox car.
look at that homo driving that pt cruiser
more like a pt loser
i bet he fucks little boys too
lets go throw eggs at it
by john gallione November 12, 2006
A retro styled car that appeals mainly to older people and tends to be covered in AARP membership stickers and is usually filled with the owner's bottles of Metamucil and Geritol as well as huge packages of Depends adult diapers.

The Cruiser also has an underground following among men who use it to attract other men and it is known as a Chuck Magnet.
Bruce stands next to his PT Cruiser lovingly wiping its chrome rims when Robert walks over and starts admiring it. Soon after they are living together and devoted life mates.
by Bruce_PT September 15, 2007
An abominably fugly car built on the exact same chassis as a neon, dreamt up by Chrysler officials who decided the company didn't suck enough. Slow, hideous, and ridiculous. I refer to them as "PR Losers."
My drivers ed teacher drives a PT Cruiser because he knows it's so ugly nobody would fail to see it on a street.
by Imus November 22, 2003

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