a woman you meet for casual sex who turns into some kind of clingy obsessed
stalker. who wo'nt leave you alone.
after i met kelly online, and spent two weekends in a row giving it to her good she would'nt stop hounding me.
by freedav04 June 06, 2005
Top Definition
1. A woman who, because of anger issues, a stressful situation, or, more commonly, hard PMS, flies into a psychotic rage and destroys everything and anything in her path. Thus, she has changed from a woman to a psychotic bitch.

Note: A good indication that a woman will become a psychotic bitch is a cold-blooded threat. Find any excuse to get the hell outta there.
Threats and Odd Questions & Statements of a Psychotic Bitch:
- "I'm gonna rip your balls off with my bare hands!"
- "Why is there a pen cap and no pen?"
- "Who put all this water in the pool?"
- From an obviously slender woman: "Why won't you have sex with me? It's because I'm fat, isn't it?"
- From the same woman, who's also been married for 10 years: "You don't love me... you just wanna screw me!"
- "If you ever cheat on me, i'll stab you with a spoon!"

All of these end with the woman breaking SOMEONE ELSE'S expensive shit.
by Just Tired December 04, 2009
A woman who is out of control and acts psychotic all of a sudden or always. Their horrible behavior is triggered when you have an opinion that they do not agree with.

The psychotic bitch syndrome occurs in jealous girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, friends, crazy ass mothers, etc.

Psychotic bitches DO NOT like to hear the truth or that they are wrong. When confronted they will attack the victim by vomiting horrible threats and attempt to make the person want to rip their hair out.

Psychotic bitches get pleasure from making others suffer usually verbally. They built their self confidence through bringing others down.

A psychotic bitch likes to believe that they are ALWAYS right and perfect. In reality they are insecure, ugly (inside or out), damaged, and sick people.

If you are a psychotic bitch please seek treatment immediately for your condition. At least for the sake of others around you.
Psychotic Bitch: "You are such a lazy fucking whore! Move out, righhhhhtttttt now! I hate you, I wish you were never born!"

Me: "I'm not lazy you stupid cow! I'm looking for a job and I good grades, you're a fucking psycho"

Psychotic Bitch: "I don't care what you have to say! I'm always right and you don't know what you're talking about!"

Me: "Okkkkaaay, the psycho bitch is having a tantrum again, shall remain quiet and get the fuck out of here"
by Pissedlkehell February 05, 2011
This isn't just your normal bitch. This is one that goes absolutely nuts, like one who cuts off your "mannery" when you do something even slightly wrong.
I accidentally called my friend Carl by the name Carly when I was drunk. Then that Psychotic Bitch came and chopped off my junk.
by TheMobileCripple April 17, 2010
when someone is acting insane while being a PMS bitch.
My mom is a psychotic bitch.
by Sal Cino September 27, 2003
A girl who flips out for no reason.
Asia Marie Oxendine is a psychotic bitch
by xllmellowbearllx September 04, 2016
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