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a male or female who has an insane aesthetic sense and inordinate interest in bottling urine, pulling knives on people, and possibly wearing somebody else's face as a mask or making a human skin suit, similar to that of John Wayne Gacy or the fictional Jame Gumb, "Buffalo Bill", in Silence of the Lambs. But, like, dead sexy in addition to being dangerous creepy and in need of medication.

1. to exhibit characteristics of a psychosexual
2. exhibiting undeniable animal magnetism of a distinctly sexual nature despite being dangerous or maladjusted

Etymology: blend of psychotic + sexual
Usage: informal
Brad: "Daaamn, that girl is fine."

Chad: "You don't want anything to do with Taedra, she's psychosexual. Sure, she's hot as Satan's balls, but she does things like stuffing a finger in your ass when you're taking a nap and licking her envelopse with her gash. Also, she pulled a knife on me once when we were playing Monopoly."

Brad: "As long as I'm the racecar, I'll risk it, dude."
by gadiv December 03, 2008
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A person who is only attracted to or only attracts psychotics as sexual partners.

"Gehlken only fucks chicks who seem to legitimately be clinically insane. I think he might be a psycho-sexual."
by Amber the Abstractor February 11, 2009
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a person who is attracted to psychos. They may have a lot of opportunities to date so-called "nice" people, but only those who are naturally unstable turn them on. Just as heterosexuals are attracted to those of the opposite sex, psychosexuals are attracted to nut jobs.
Dude, Josh really likes that girl, so you know she must be crazy. He's a total psychosexual.

Man, did you hear about Krista and Brian? She burned all his clothes in the bathtub because he got a text from a girl at work, and he still took her back after a week! Its gotta be tough for him, being such a psychosexual!
by tinoso December 01, 2010
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