A social science best described as the study of how environmental stimuli influence an animal's behavior. Fundamental concepts such as Pavlovian Conditioning and Instrumental Conditioning are the basic Principles behind learned behavior and can be used as one method of explaining any kind of behavior.

Psychology is one of the easiest ways for a slacker (like me) to obtain a B.Sc. without concern for natural sciences like Chemistry, Calculus, Physics et c. It's legitimacy is apparently controversial, judging by the other definitions listed, but let's not forget that this is URBAN DICTIONARY.

It is true that many students major in Psychology, and they're also the ones you'll find in some Pub during midterm week because they got their studying done early. Not all Psychology majors want to be shrinks, some just want to get a degree and get the fuck out with as little effort as necessary. Isn't that what University has become these days? A B.Sc. is, after all, a B.Sc.
Guy one: Hey man, what did you think about that Psychology class?

Guy two: Good enough. Let's go get a beer and a burger and then we'll party in the dorms.

Guy three: okay, fuck those med students man, not everyone is cut out to be a doctor.

Guy one: yeah, I'm a lazy piece of shit. But whatever.
by dougdougdoug September 26, 2007
is generally defined as the science of behavior and mental processes and the application of the resulting findings to the solution of problems.

The word thus simultaneously refers to a science (involving the study of the behavior of humans and animals) and to various interventions (treatments and therapies) in the mental processes and behavioral patterns of people. It is a branch of science that studies the cognitive, perceptual, and behavioural characteristics of human beings. The "how and why" of our behavior.
"To cause an organism to respond in a specific manner to a conditioned stimulus in the absence of an unconditioned stimulus."
by hoffman June 18, 2005
A religion that has risen up in the past century to define "proper behavior" as the influence of Christianity has waned.

Like other religions, it has little scientific support, but makes bold pronouncements about who is "good" and who is "bad."

Its sacred texts include the Diagnostics and Statistics manual as well as works by Rogers, Freud, Beck and others.

Cultish mind control behavior can be found in some practitioners who will attempt to keep "clients" in harmful therapy by convincing them that "you have to feel worse to feel better" or "your resistance represents your unwillingness to face your problems."
Client: "I have been in therapy for four years now, but I'm still depressed and obsessive compulsive. I don't think this psychology is working."

Psychologist: "I sense that you are very frustrated. However, clearly, we just have not yet uncovered the root of the problem yet."
by MurdochT April 17, 2010
A degree you can get on Wikipedia, but many choose to pay $20,000 a year to earn a worthless degree from Mediocre State University.
-Two guys watching TV-
Friend 1: Doesn't that guy have Stockholm Syndrome?

College Grad Friend: Yes, Stockholm Syndrome is where the vi-

Friend 1: -the victim is, for some reason, attracted to the attacker.

College Grad Friend: Who told you that?

Friend 1: I read it on Wikipedia, for free, with the $3000 laptop I got from investing my folks' college money instead of wasting it on a psychology degree.

College Grad: -_-, u suck
by WCsverige29 August 01, 2009
The discipline that everyone swears they know about simply because they took an intro class which barely covers the other areas of the discipline or watch Dr. Phil.
Student: I took an intro class and I will psychoanalyze you despite my professor telling me it's bullshit.
2nd student: I know all about psychology since I watch dr. Phil religiously.
by Psycho-doom May 10, 2014
The best way to find out that you are not special.
-I just had a mental revelation! I now truly understand myself! I am my own human being. I just went from being a boy to being a man!
-Oh cool! I learned in my psychology class that *insert famous psychologist* predicted you would do that.
-Oh... that's cool, I guess.
by Cest Mercredi February 23, 2011
Psychology: a front group for global concensus manipulators, which is a front group for psychiatry, which is a front group for socialism, which is is a front group for communism, which is a front group for The Fabien Bean Growers Society, which is a front group for institutionalisation, which is a front group for very sneaky, bold face lying child molesters who don't believe in Hell and use institutions to convert and terrorise those that do believe in Hell, so that they can have their pick and choice of child rape victims worldwide and get away with it.
"My child isn't the same after he got ill and saw a psychology practitioner."
"Why don't people in psychology see alien abduction stories as rape trauma combined with forced drugings, terrorism and brainwashing and false memory induction by communist molesters?"
by psychologyisbad June 02, 2014
A major in which people, mostly women, study to "understand" better life, and human behavior; Psychology is also known as the most burned major, of all college majors, because it's everyone's major at one point of their life as college students. Psychologist believe to be intellectual-beings, which in 99% they are not, and don't even fucking understand their heroes meant to say in their written works and efforts to contribute to the science field of psychology, For Example, Freud, Rogers, etc. Also Psychologist give therapy to people with "life problems", economic, unresolved child development issues and marital and socioeconomic, psychosocial problems, and psychologist think they know everything about life, when don't realize how life really hard is, and they usually live in apartments and rented rooms, because most of them are mediocre; I don't mean to stereotype not all psychologist are ignorant, some of them are really intellectual and philosophical. Most pretty girls study psychology, just for the sake of completing a "professional career", but most of them just study in the mean time they find a suitable husband with a real career, with true commodities and real hard-worked-made money. Most Psychologist screw your head even-more in order to take more and more of your money within each visit you make to their forced therapy......
Mariana is studying psychology, she is a rich bitch, and thinks she knows everything about life, and thinks life is easy as making a sandwich. I've known her for almost 10 years, and talks to me on a disrespectful manner; when I finally raised my voice and told her, I wouldn't be taking her shit anymore, she got horny and offered me sex. She is a girl that enjoys Sadomasochism (pleasure on feeling pain or humiliated), and likes being treated like a garbage, even though she is on a psychology major and she is supposed to understand what is to be a normal human-being and not to enjoy irrational pain, on being treated like garbage like every other psychology student should......
by The_philosopher88 March 13, 2013

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