A social science best described as the study of how environmental stimuli influence an animal's behavior. Fundamental concepts such as Pavlovian Conditioning and Instrumental Conditioning are the basic Principles behind learned behavior and can be used as one method of explaining any kind of behavior.

Psychology is one of the easiest ways for a slacker (like me) to obtain a B.Sc. without concern for natural sciences like Chemistry, Calculus, Physics et c. It's legitimacy is apparently controversial, judging by the other definitions listed, but let's not forget that this is URBAN DICTIONARY.

It is true that many students major in Psychology, and they're also the ones you'll find in some Pub during midterm week because they got their studying done early. Not all Psychology majors want to be shrinks, some just want to get a degree and get the fuck out with as little effort as necessary. Isn't that what University has become these days? A B.Sc. is, after all, a B.Sc.
Guy one: Hey man, what did you think about that Psychology class?

Guy two: Good enough. Let's go get a beer and a burger and then we'll party in the dorms.

Guy three: okay, fuck those med students man, not everyone is cut out to be a doctor.

Guy one: yeah, I'm a lazy piece of shit. But whatever.
by dougdougdoug September 26, 2007
Top Definition
Psychology is everyone's major at some point during their college career.
Me: What are you majoring in? (Dont you dare say psychology)
Random Person: Psychology.
Me: OOOOH exciting.
by Cliff Whitty March 22, 2006
The study of human thought and behaviour. A social scientific subject which can trace its origins back to ancient Greece.
Psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy are all different.
by VinC April 26, 2005
It's an interesting class to take for a semester, but anyone that majors in it is really just trying to figure themselves out. All the people with psych degrees are usually the most messed up, they think the more they learn the more they might figure out their own problems. Then they graduate, and tell other people whats wrong with them...it's healthy, I swear
Jack: How is your semester going?
Jill: It's so stressful, I have started throwing up all my food again, and I hate my family, and I hear voices, and I think I might have the ugliest nose on the continental United States.
Jack: What's your major?
Jill: Psychology! I'm going to help people someday!
by Updawg November 07, 2006
The practice of taking things we already know about people, and weighing it down with jargon until the only other people who understand it are psychologists.
"Psychology dictates that all juvenile humans grow to imitate the assertive role models around them, sparking a developmental response" (Kids grow up to be like their folks)
by benbalooky October 05, 2010
The section of Borders bookstore where all the porn is hidden, believe it or not.
Dude, have you been the psychology section before? There's a whole wall of erotica in there! You've GOT to check it out!
by Wail Halls September 20, 2006
An interesting discipline no doubt, but not without its share of problems. For more on those, see psychologist.
Psychology is good, psychologists are bad.
by smithbones October 25, 2008
Mostly bullshit. Every time someone attempts to psychoanalyse me, they fail miserably.
Psychologist: I believe you punched that guy in the nose because you have deep issues of security and you felt threatened in your own envioronment. It had nothing to do with the fact that he kicked you in the balls.
by oh shit i'm dead March 04, 2005
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