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When somebody gets way too emotionally involved in something and incorrectly believe that delivering the message in a rant or scream in their own little stage performance (often in public) will get others to agree with their point of view.
Amy "Oh my God, Claire just totally stole my boyfriend, she's evil, I hate her, she deserves to die"
Friend #1 "Hey Amy, I think the clue was when he broke up with you 6 weeks ago"
Amy "What, your just as bad a her, you freak, your all freaks, I hate you all, why me (sob sob) etc etc"
Friend #1 "WhatevR, I can't star in your psychodrama today, besides we're in the supermarket, adios"
by HeyZeusDelSanto August 19, 2010
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a rap group in chicago
i seen psychodrama preform
by dj elove January 11, 2004

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