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The conjunction of "psycho" and "rhinoceros"

When first being pounded, it starts out as a hot item, after which large amounts of fat layers itself on until becoming rhinoceros sized, much like the Michelin Man in naked appearance, basically due to personal psychotic issues with the past, present and future.

Other characteristics: extremely bad driver, broke as a joke (and always will be), enjoys nus action.
"Why don't you go ahead and bring Psychoceros over to the crib?"

by Nego G May 03, 2004
a lifeform which can be found in the surrounds of seattle, washington. characterized by its large size and lack of good judgement. is often found to be eating food slathered in ranch dressing.
I quickly entered the restaurant such that no one would realize I was associated with the psychoceros whose car had just careened into the parking lot.
by Ronkie May 03, 2004
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