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A person who performs sexual acts or openly indicates sexual behavior contrary to their own sexual orientation (also spelled pseudosexual).
Dude, I know Jason is really gay, so why is he dating Jennifer? Personally, I think he is just a pseudo sexual.
by Guido1 March 08, 2008
almost, approaching, or trying to be sexual in nature.
The occupation of a french maid, female nurse, or female officer are considered pseudosexual in popular westen culture.
by Lost_Prospekt June 27, 2011
A word with the same meaning as pseudo sexual. Pseudosexual is usually the adjective and pseudo sexual is used as a noun.
A pseudo sexual is a person who practices pseudosexual relationships in order to deceive, or confuse others of his or her "true" sexual orientation.
by Guido1 March 08, 2008
the act of faking your sexualit y for attention or to fit in.
melissa: is she really bi ?
dee: nah. shes faking, she was lesbo last monday.
melissa: fuck ! another pseudosexual, i woula showed her a good time.
by mcbillions March 11, 2009
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