The KKK's answer to the Olsen Twins. Twin girls whose minds were tainted since birth by their sick, white supremacist mother. Now they perform and release folk music that, in a "subtle" and "heartwarming" manner, tries to promote and support the disgusting plague that is white supremacy. Not only is it disgusting, it's disturbing. Disturbing in the sense that a grown woman would pollute the fragile, impressionable minds of her offspring with this shit. But they probably won't be going very far anyway; these two girls can't carry a tune in a dumpster.
Racist moron: "Prussian Blue is the best music duo ever! There's *so* much truth in their songs!"

Me: "Shut up, you idiot!" (Punch)
by HueyFreeman September 10, 2006
Two young girls whose parents abused their formative years by teaching them to worship skin color and the words of Hitler.
Creepy as all hell. See also black nationalists, islamic nationalists, stormfront, bla bla bla hate hate hate.
1st Dude: "Wow, look those two girls have, like, BLUE eyes! Why don't they go and look like those creepy twins out of Stephen King's the Shining and do a cute teen-nazi pop act?

2nd Dude: "WOAH dude, they already did! Far out!!LOOK OUT they're coming! ARGHHHH!!!"

Prussian Blue: "Now we can play Hitler, for EVER, and EVER, and EVER!"
by Brad Radleigh June 03, 2006
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