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a prude-slut is someone who is veryy prude when they are sober, and wont touch a guy but when they are exposed to alcoholic beveages they become the biggest slut and will do almost anything for attention. They will also blamed their actions on being drunk or intoxicated.
Kailey is such a prude-slut, at the party last night she got with her two bestfriends guys.
by the inventor of the word July 31, 2008
19 33
you're prude but you wanna be raped.
you can be pressured into stuff lyk drugs, sex, 69, basically everything but ur prude
Kayle your such a prude slut!<Joey
How the fuck?<Kayle
Ur prude but u no u want it!<Joey
other examplez>kayle gillian nicci n britt
gillian + nicci + britt + kayle are all PRUDE SLUTS
by Gillian and Kayle July 20, 2004
30 99