satirical/political/anarchistic movement in the mid '60, Amsterdam The Netherlands.
'ze moeten al die provo's in werkkampen stoppen'!
by mrsnoid November 18, 2004
Worst place ever. Full of Mormans and druggies.
Did you see that whacked out Morman? He must be from Provo
by Quadrophenia01 December 25, 2011
good, excellent, suprising
steph, that was so provo of you!
by rosalie August 28, 2004
A city in Utah that is such a shithole it proves that Satan is a real person and that Hell is a real place.
When I was staring into a sunset in Hawaii I really felt God's presence. When I drove along the I-15 corridor and passed through Provo I could feel the presence of Lucifer.
by UncleBenTheRice April 02, 2016
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