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- A kind of protein that is capable of pumping out compounds that could pose a threat to the ones close to you. Your girlfriend, significant other, Sister, Mother, Mother in-law, and yes your Grandma too.

- Swallowing a bit of this super human sperm will give you super power to get jacked fibras, scientist have compare this sperm to celltech, they say they are almost the same.

- Drinking sperm of PP its illegal in pro-competitions.

- Most know member of insatiable sexual creatures of

-The penor, a bacterial protein complex that repels a wide range of antibiotics through its ability to capture and pump out a spectrum of structurally diverse compounds would be the active, while using a decoy to attract the prey.
1. Sluuug: What supplements are you taking?
Jacked-mofo: I am taking dat der Protein Pump.

2. Grandma, are you going out tonight?
Yes, i am going into a wild adventure with Protien pump
by cell tech for life February 02, 2008
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