1. A group of people that seperated from the Catholic Church (Also known as Lutheran because of the person who proposed the IDea for the protesting) because it felt that its teaching were becoming too materialistic. These people are generally giving (especially to the Church), but have been known to have narrow thinking. They did have their reasons though for separating from the Catholic Church.
The Lutheran Chuch paid for the new homeless shelter.
by MORELLIVS June 25, 2005
One who protests (pro-test-ant), hence once used often to describe those who objected to abuse of authority by the Church. As religious "Protestant" sects no longer protest as much, the alternate pronunciation has become common.
Being a gentle soul opposed to violence, she became a war protestant.
by Old Uncle Sammy July 03, 2003
Those Christians who broke away from the corrupt Catholic Church of the 16th century so that they could form their own judgmental, jingoistic, and batshit crazy sect of Christianty.
Protestant is the P in WASP.
by Johnny Pseudonym June 10, 2005
Originally kickstarted by Henry VIII who was originally catholic and wanted to divorce his wife (Catherine of Aragon) but the annullment was not allowed by the pope (who was being held prisoner by Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire at the time). After falling for Anne Boleyn king Henry excommunicated himself from the catholic church and a parliamnet act was passed known as the 'act of succession' which put Henry as the head of the church of england, which is to this day officially protestant (although this has alternated between catholisism and protestantism over the centuries and has sparked many feuds between the two religions. Perhaps most notably the gunpowder plot on the houses of parliament and of course the colonisation and 'thourough' by Sir Thomas Wentworth of Northern Ireland which still has massive political repocusions.)
Protestants make up 4% of the world's religions
by Brummie Stu March 19, 2006
A branch of the Christian faith that was formed during the reformation led by Martin Luther. Protestants reject the beliefs of Catholics and delete parts of the bible all willy nilly and deemed the texts proving Catholicism "Apocryphal", thus the King James Version Bible was born. They believe that having Priests, Monsignors, Bishops Archbishops, Cardinals, the Pope, and all the Saints is Idolatry, believing Catholics worship them, when, in fact, Catholics believe even after death, their soul is still alive even though their physical body is deceased. Catholics do not worship them, but pray to them asking them to pray for them, just like asking a friend to pray for you, but the only way to communicate with someone in heaven is through prayer.

They are also the branch of the Christian faith that does not drink as much, eat as much, or party as much as Catholics

A popular form of Protestantism is the Baptist faith. Baptist claim they are the first religion started by John the Baptist, but if you actually read the WHOLE bible, John wasn't a practitioner of the Baptist religion, but one who Baptized other people.

Protestants also believe that if you are not an exact copy of them then you are impure, and are going to burn in hell for committing Heresy.

Some radical protestants reject the belief in Christmas, Easter, and Halloween due to "Satanic Rituals." Some also believe that every little fault in a person is a demon that has to be exorcized. Pope John Paul II only performed 2 exorcisms in his whole life.

Protestants believe that Mary, mother of God was not a virgin, nor the mother of God. Catholics do not believe that she actually gave birth to an Omnipotently infinite deity, but she did give birth to Jesus, who is one third of God, the other two being the Father and the Holy Spirit. Catholics believe Mary was immaculate and pure her whole life, and there is a section in the bible when she ascends to heaven and is crowned Queen of the Universe. They also believe that when catholics perform the Rite of Communion they are worshipping Wine and Bread as holy. Catholics believe that God blessed the Bread and Wine and made it the body and blood of Christ.
Greg the Baptist: "What religion are you?"

Jeremy the Catholic: "Catholic"

Greg:"Oh you're not Christian, you're going to hell, I'm protestant, god likes me more."

Jeremy: "Why."

Greg:"-----I---I think its-----hmmph. I don't know, but my pastor said so."
by Ender "Andrew" Wiggin July 10, 2008
Contrary to popular belief, Protestants are not all stuck up, judgmental hypocrites. Everyone who professes to follow a "religion" is a hypocrite because it is quite obvious that no human being can possibly adhere to the strict standards of any religion. However, Christians in general have earned a bad reputation for themselves by falsely declaring their love for Jesus/God and then blatantly contradicting that statement with their actions. This does not mean that there are not Protestants with sincere motives and a true love for Jesus. It is pure ignorance to discredit an entire "religion" just because of a few bad experiences.

Christians (at least Protestants) are not part of a "religion". This is because "religion" implies that you must meet a standard of good behavior to attain salvation and eternal life. We are saved because of God's grace, Jesus' sacrifice, and our faith, not because of our adherence to a set of laws. Judaism, Islam, and Mormanism are all religions, because they require the obeyance of their own particular laws. Sometimes Catholicism can be put under the category of a religion because some of them follow rituals and do things (i.e. confessional, pentenance, praying to Mary) to attain salvation.

Whoever posted that the Protestant faith was established by Henry VIII, this is a false statement. The Protestant faith was created by Martin Luther when he broke away from the Catholic church because he believe that you do not need to go through a priest to get to God. Henry VIII established the Episcopalian church on account of his selfish ambition.

Not all Protestants should be thought of as judgmental hypocrites. Think before you make sweeping generalizations. And to the person who posted that there is absolutely no evidence for the content of the Bible, this is an incredibly false statement, but that's another topic.
I am a Protestant, and I believe that Jesus is the son of God, that he died to take the penalty for the sins of the people of the world, and that you can get eternal life by trusting him with your life.
by kewright1203 May 14, 2006
a hypocritical religion that thinks they are the only christians and that every1 is going to hell but themwho tries to make catholics (the ORIGINAL CHRISTIANS) look bad just so every1 can join their church. also, the back of the bible states that ne1 who takes or adds to the bible will suffer the plagues mentioned in the bible" and u kno wat? protestants changed the bible! also rude bitches who say Mary is a prostitute and changed the original bible to say that she had many kids. ya my ass. thats changing the bible for sure and i bet Jesus really appreciates ppl insulting his mom.
protestant: we are the only christians and the world revolves around us. although we are god damn hypocrites who changed the bible many times under the following the example of Martin Luther who actually forced the catholic church to change the bible....jeez
by jennylovesean April 12, 2006

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