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A term created and used by neofeminists to infantilize sex workers. The idea being that no woman (nevermind men) would ever voluntary choose sex work, and any that would is psychologically damaged.

It implies that prostitution is something that happens to a person, not something a person does on their own.
There is no such thing as a prostitute, only prostituted women.
by Big Tan Gringo June 11, 2011
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An alternative to calling trafficked women "prostitutes," which recognizes the humanity of the individuals concerned, and whose identities ought not to be conflated with what is, to many such women, an experience of ongoing serial rape, typically controlled by pimps.
"According to international studies cited by the Swedish Ministry of Industry, Employment, and Communications, between 65 and 90 per cent of prostituted women were sexually abused by male relatives or acquaintances as girls."
by Victoria Marinelli February 06, 2007
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