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Someone who butters up politicians with favors, cash, or both in return for political favors.
I wonder what Joe, the village prostituent, did for the mayor to make his liquor license request go through so quickly.
by CarMono July 25, 2011
The regular customers of a prostitute
Her prostituents lined up at the docks for their favorite public servant
by CarMono July 28, 2011
Someone who regularly uses the services of a particular sex worker
She serviced her prostituents well during a long career of public service.
by CarMono June 05, 2011
A constituent who stands by silently as elected officials make wrong and horrible decisions that are not in the best interests of most other constituents, hoping to benefit economically or socially, much like how a prostitute engages in ugly behavior in exchange for cash."
The charlatan governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, has fooled his prostituents into believing they will eventually benefit from lower taxes if they support his administration's goals to lower wages, reduce the mean standard of living, bust unions, cut support for education, slash taxes for the wealthy, and line the pockets of the oligarchs.
by ElSasquatch July 27, 2011
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