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1. The way that a prostitute acts

2. A prostitutes attitude
person 1: It's not just about how a prostitute dresses that makes them noticed, it's also about their attitude.
person 2: Yeah...Their prostattitude.
by broadway-nerd July 22, 2012
10 0
a prostitute's attitude
A: So what DO protitutes wear then?

B: It's not always about what they wear, it's also about their attitude.

A: Yeah. Their prostattitude.
by theatreholic April 08, 2012
4 0
A Prostitutes attitude
A: How do prostitutes dress?
B: It's not JUST how they dress, it's also about their attitude.
A: Yeah, so their prostattitude.
by BwayNerd April 17, 2012
3 0