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Pre-teen girls that dress like whores (aka prostatutes).
That 12 year old in the skirt and fuck me boots is a fucking prostatot.
by r to the ob March 26, 2004
1)a stupid pre-teen wanna be prostitute
I couldn't believe how bad my school was infested with all of those prost-a-tots
by Chris "KMoney" Mason November 28, 2005
Young girls dressing slutty.
Jess:Look at those girls! They look like fricking sluts!
Ali:They look like they're 11 years old. Fucking prostatots!
by Ali Fitz June 23, 2006
Pronounced= {prA Sta ToT}
a pre-teen girl who wears the smuttiest clothing that can be purchased, usually can be found wandering malls or other heavily populated areas, do not date people of there own age area usually go for men at least 3 or 4 years older than themselves, usually can be referred to my the short slut long jacket, comes from single parent family usually.
kevin: "wow did you see the way thoes prastatots were stareing at you mike..."
mike:"thoes slutty ho bags why cant they just act their own age "
kevin:"because you are a homosexuall"
mike:"true dat"
by KevinDougherty July 17, 2005
A girl who is under the age of 13 and dresses like a complete whore/slut. Many can be seen on the Boardwalks of the Jersey Shore wearing tube tops and short skirts.
You: "Dude, that girl wearing the short skirt and the tube top is like 12"
Me: "She's a Prostatot!"
by Ghawazi July 31, 2005
n. pl. Young females below the age of 13 who dress in the same manner a prostitute does i.e. An over excessive ammount of make-up, high-heeled boots, short skirts, revealing tops, large earings, etc. A.K.A slut
"I betcha' those Prosta-tots would go for $50"
by Tzarcon May 28, 2003
A child entrant in to some type of regional "beauty" pageant.
The poor child had no idea that entering Kentucky's Little Miss Pageant made her nothing more than a prost-a-tot to fill a gaping hole in her desperate mother's self-esteem.
by jesshtx August 28, 2006
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