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a doctrine taught by mostly evangelical Christian televangelists that wealth and propserity are promised in the Bible for devoting your life to God, or that a life of wealth and health and prosperity are signs of God's favor. Unfortunately, the prosperity gospel is not just unBiblical, but is used by these televangelists to get you to donate your money to their organization. I am a Christian myself and dont buy into the prosperity gospel.
The prosperity gospel unfortunately leads others astray and exploits one's desire to have wealth and health in this life. In a way, the prosperity gospel teaches a person to pursue wealth and not God himself, and could be considered a form of idolatry. If the prsperity gospel is true, then why wasn't Mother Teresa or Jesus rich?? Does being "poor" mean you are being chastised by God? Just a few thoughts.
by krock1dk July 15, 2009
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