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When someone puts a broom in the legholes of your tightywhities and spins the broom around until u have the worst wedgie ever.
My friend gave me a propeller wedgie and spun the broom around 15 times! I thought my balls were going to burst. To add to it, he started to kick me in the balls and he took the broom and hung it so i was hanging by my tighty whities for 7 hours!
by Wedgie fettish July 03, 2006
When a geek/cool kid gives a kid a painful wedgie.

1. Obtain a strong stick or baseball bat.
2. Find a stupid kid.
3. Pants him and when he bends over to pick them up stand on his pants and put in the stick lying down between his leggings.
4. Twist as much as you like, until his undies break.
5. Be warned, this can permanently injure his testicles and is the most painful when done correctly.
Damn, yesterday I got a propeller wedgie from brad. He gave me a swirly then propeller wedged me before hanging the stick on the ceiling. My balls are now red and crap.
by Wedgie_Giver November 27, 2013
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