Someone who uses the Druid subpath in NexusTK to deposit wool.
Propane joined druids to deposit wool.
by fulken January 16, 2004
Top Definition
clean burning, odorless, efficient fuel usually used in cooking and heating.
Hank Hill:You wanna buy some propane or propane accessories?
Customer: yea i just got a new grill.
Hank Hill:ok you can have 2-100 gallon tanks for $220.
Customer: wow thats a lot, and seems expensive.
Hank Hill:No, no! With propane, the sky's the limit!
by bob johnson December 10, 2004
the cia code word that activates the sleeper agent known as "hank hill" who will bring forth the apocalypse
when hank hill hears the word PROPANE all hell will be unleashed onto this world
by deathwish124 February 02, 2010
Something that Hank Hill endorses and wants to sell you.
Hank: Would you like to enter the world of Propane, and start tasting the meat, not the heat?

Customer: No thanks, I use charcoal.

Hank: Bwahhhh!
by j_dawz December 14, 2011

A three-carbon alkane, which is unlucky enough to have a name which does not specify how many carbons it has (like hexane or nonane do).

Confuses orgo students.

Formula is C3H8.
Pyromaniacs are fond of this stuff.

And again, confuses orgo students. A lot.
OWL: "Draw a structural formula for cis-1,2-diethylcyclopropane"
Orgo student: "Huh? WTF???!"
OWL: "Both I and Marvin Sketch despise you equally, and a lot."
Orgo student: *cries* "Whyyyy?...."
by PCNA October 18, 2012
I just want a little propane just like everybody else, Ricky!

What the fuck was Mr. Lahey on, Ricky?!
by Bubbles 'N' Conky November 16, 2004
A code word used to describe cocaine in the new generation.
James: Yo you need some propane
Jess: I'm done with that stuff for a while now
by aliennationexploration August 16, 2008
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