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Used to describe something which is of good quality or enjoyable
Have you seen bo selecta? its propa bo i tell thee
by Ellis September 10, 2003
7 2
when something is spiffing
thats propa bo i tell thee
by MrW May 31, 2005
29 19
Hella straight. Used to name anything that is correct. Sometimes shortened to "bo" (as in "knows")
"Yo, where I can dat work surface for my heez?"
"Homes, you need to check out propa Bo Concept on the Dix"
by ellis January 05, 2008
6 0
something worthy of praise
look at that car, dats propabo
by david irwin and richard cummings December 01, 2003
0 0
when something is excellent or brilliant it may be called propa-bo
man ur moms sweet ass is propa-bo!
by Smiley March 23, 2003
2 3
great, brilliant, fantastic

craig david's fave expression of greatness & all things good
propa-bo is that!

i just bought me some propa-bo trainers
by Matt Appy December 31, 2002
3 4
what ryan did to "Bo"
man, ryan really propa-bo'd, looka t him go!
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
1 5