Hella straight. Used to name anything that is correct. Sometimes shortened to "bo" (as in "knows")
"Yo, where I can dat work surface for my heez?"
"Homes, you need to check out propa Bo Concept on the Dix"
by ellis January 05, 2008
Used to describe something which is of good quality or enjoyable
Have you seen bo selecta? its propa bo i tell thee
by Ellis September 10, 2003
when something is excellent or brilliant it may be called propa-bo
man ur moms sweet ass is propa-bo!
by Smiley March 23, 2003
great, brilliant, fantastic

craig david's fave expression of greatness & all things good
propa-bo is that!

i just bought me some propa-bo trainers
by Matt Appy December 31, 2002
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