A leet codeword for PORN
by XiTER May 26, 2003
hax0r speak for porn, pr0n.
aimless1 has a massive pr0n collection.
by traid June 27, 2003
N.- it is a girl who one minute is very horny and the next is prude.
Maddison was being a pron last night. One second she wanted to makeout, the next she was being a prude.
by natish(jordan) September 03, 2007
Pron is another way to say Gay Porn

Pron is also spelled Pr0n.

Pr0n / Pron = Gay Porn
Woah! Dude lets go watch that Pron I just downloaded!
by Matt Nev February 13, 2006
Something thats is both pro and con
Sam you are so pron!
by Kyle Vogt October 08, 2006

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