misspelling porn
I was really horny and put pron instead of porn
by BaByboomer January 19, 2012
1.Pornographic material involving Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers orgy.
1. "Hey, did you see that pron that was on at old boy's house last night?"
"Yeah, that pink ranger has some tig ol bitties!"
2. "What are you doing this weekend?"
"I'm going to a pron."
"Oh. What Power Ranger are you going as?"
by pinkranger December 08, 2014
Pornographic material involving crustaceans. Can be easily obtained on the internet.
Bottom Feeders 7 is the greatest pron of all time!
by Pyotr Nakariakov July 05, 2011
porn that's messed up
(pron--- switch the o and the r)
Friend: "Dude, why is your dad watching pron??!!?"

You: "WHAT??!!?"

Friend: "Ya, he's watching dogs do it on the internet!"
by 5rockhopper4 November 06, 2010
1337 way of spelling PORN. Considered to be stupid to do so, but it has it's good uses. You don't want your company internet gateway keepers to arrest you for clicking an article on a tech site that happens to be about profits/losses or abuses when it comes to porn sites and the like.
PR0N industry not suffering the dot com hype collapse.
by Jazeker August 07, 2003
(Usenet, IRC) Pornography. Originally this referred only to Internet porn but since then it has expanded to refer to just about anything. The term comes from the warez kiddies tendency to replace letters with numbers. At some point on IRC someone mistyped, swapped the middle two letters, and the name stuck, then propagated over into mainstream hacker usage.
"Man, Jason told me his mom found his stash of pr0n on his computer! That's gotta suck!"
by illEATurHARTout April 12, 2004
Porn in which members of the Jewish faith engage in sexual intercourse and erotic foreplay with cattle.
Guy:What you looking at? Guy2:PRON Guy:Ew thats sick! Guy2's mom:(Walks in) Oh my God! What is that guy doing to that cow? Guy:Bad things! Its PRON!
by THE BATDAD and THE RINGMAN! July 06, 2009

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