A title, for male or female, pertaining to excitement and/or stimulation caused by or correlated to promotional marketing, collateral, consumerism, etc. Also refes to sexual acts for want and need of material goods.
"Oh my god, Lindsey is such a Promosexual, the only reason she gave the bouncer a bl*wj*b was so she could get into the VIP room."

"Wow, you really get off on collecting airline miles don't you? You are such a promosexual."
by Achilles515 October 16, 2007
Top Definition
A term used to describe people, usually celebrities who publicly identify with a currently trendy or rare sexuality or sexual orientation purely to win attention and admiration.
Britney Spears is such a promosexual.
by Niels Buus November 14, 2004
When you are gay for a limited time only
But i thought you are gay!" "Nah man i'm promosexual, i only liked men for a limited time
by TreCoolness December 04, 2010
The person on your online marketing team constantly promoting coupons as the best marketing tactic ever.
Bob's idea was to offer customers an extra 20% off. Again. He is such a promosexual!
by jkrule September 15, 2011
a person who decides they would rather not have their identity defined by their sex lives
Clara isn't homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual, she is simply promosexual.
by olivia G. June 26, 2006
A person who hits on cashiers or store employees to get a deal.
Male Promosexual: "Oh hey, your hair looks beautiful today, do you have any coupons I could use for this?"

Female Promosexual: "Your biceps are so big, can you give me your employees discount?"
by DangerFinger March 05, 2015
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